Budget Management

The Office of Budget Management is responsible for supporting the development and management of the County’s Annual Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan. Additionally, the office assists County Administration in managing the financial performance of the organization, providing financial analysis and guidance to departments, and program evaluation. The office also oversees the collection and administration of the 2% Hospitality Tax.
  1. Current Year Budgets
  2. Prior Year Budgets
  3. Other Resources
The annual budget serves as the foundation for Spartanburg County's financial planning and control.  The Operating Budget process and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Budget process occur simultaneously. 
The Operating Budget is a one year budget for ongoing reoccurring activities.  
FY 2016/17 Adopted Operating Budget
The CIP is a 5-year projection of capital needs and financing of those needs, with the first year being the Capital Budget.  
FY 2017-21 Adopted Capital Improvement Plan
Funding Opportunities Dollar Sign
Tourism related projects may be eligible for state Accommodations Tax funding. Additional Information regarding Accommodations Tax funding can be found on the County Administration webpage.

Grant-in-aid funding opportunities are overseen by the Community Development department. Information regarding eligibility requirements, the annual application process, and the application can be found on the Community Development webpage.

Currently no funding opportunities are available through Hospitality Tax.

Additional Information
If you are trying to remit Local Accommodations Tax please click here to be redirected to the Finance Department.